Galavanting in Gdansk

“The world is big…and I want to have a good look at it before it gets dark.” – John Muir

Ah…. Gdansk. I wish I had a memory of this city from an earlier life so I could impart it. Alas – I don’t. I never went here as a child, but I wish we had. Gdansk has a soul of its own, from the peninsula of Hel (how often can you say you’ve been to Hel and back? I mean really?) and easy access to the grandiose Teutonic stronghold of Malbork- it has everything, and it has a reputation of its own as the flashpoint of WWII (Westerplatte) in addition to the Solidarnosc movement. Can the history/foodie junkie ask for more?

How we got there:

We took the train from Wroclaw. It was hot, airless and miserable. Polish trains – to me – are unreadable. The below photos are of our very modern trains from Wroclaw to Jelenia Gora (not related to this post). The train we took was a 6 person cabin train within a car of more 6 person cabins. It was without air conditioning but there was a dining car and dining cart that made it vaguely bearable. Morale of the story – don’t take the train in Poland at the end of summer. No matter how cheap. But if you really really want to, book your tickets here.


Where we stayed:

Stay In Old Town

And back to This was a relatively new listing but it lived up to all expectations.Do not be scared by the fact that you enter this from a back street in a more residential side of the block. The cool thing was the owners have the key in a lockbox and text you the code. There is no check in/ check out process. It’s just click in the code and go – and love your adorable tiny apartment in Gdansk. You can always call or text the owners if you need anything.

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Where we ate:

Goldwasser Cafe

Ul. Dlugi Targ 28/29, Gdansk 80-830, Poland

A fabulous view. A not terrible breakfast, but you can find somewhere cheaper to get a quality meal in this town.


ul. Mariacka 50/52
80-833 Gdańsk

O.M.G. Literally, knock your socks off quality wine bar with some stellar food. Literally, luscious takes on traditional Polish cuisine with some great selections of vino. We had the wild boar with a mushroom sauce and duck…. there was some carpaccio to start. Lovely wine. And incredible dessert. Go here… now.


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What we did:

Appreciated some hi-caliber street music, while munching on the typical Polish breakfast and enjoying the sights. Took a photo in front of the Neptune statue (a must do).


A day trip to Malbork Castle  – we took the commuter train from Gdansk (about a 40 minute ride) and then an easy walk to the castle from Malbork’s train station. Give yourself at least 4 hours to walk around the castle – it’s enormous!

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