Next Stop…Belfast {Northern Ireland}


Getting to Belfast and Northern Ireland could not be easier from Dublin. All you have to do is catch a train from Dublin Connolly and enjoy the view – which, according to the Irish Independent, is one of the most picturesque train journeys on this island. Tickets are usually in the 20 euro range, but you can always hit a sale and get them for a bit less.


Where we stayed: Harper’s Boutique B&B

I will admit that I have often shied away from booking B&B’s – which is ironic with my obsession with boutique hotels, which have the same intimacy that B&B’s usually embody. That being said, I booked Harpers and was sincerely very impressed.Staff were incredibly attentive, informative and so helpful in setting up taxis/tours. We stayed in the suite and my mother stayed in a double – all rooms were tidy, well decorated and comfortable. Breakfast was cooked to order and had a basic spread of options – all in all, a gem!

What we did: ¬†Day Tour of Giant’s Causeway

One of the better bus tours I’ve done, in terms of scenery. The coastal road views are par none and the lunch stop is at Bushmill’s distillery. Fabulous day trip!

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Where we ate: Maggie May’s Cafe

I failed in securing a photo because I was far too hungry, but highly recommend it. No alcohol is served but their shakes and platters were to die for – just delicious comfort food after you’ve been traipsing up and down rope bridges.


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