Meandering in Morocco {Part 1 – Marrakech}


When one lives in Ireland, one often searches for respite from rain and wind and clouds and such things. This is how we found ourself embarking on an adventure to the continent of Africa in general and the country of Morocco in particular. Note: This is likely the longest jaunt I’d ever book on Ryanair, but with cheap tickets, it was a no brainer.


Airport: A smaller airport (not sure why we expected larger). Expect long lines when arriving and leaving, as well as filling out landing/departure cards. Small selection at duty free and basic restaurants.

Where we stayed: Ryad El Borj

Back to and I have to admit to finding an exotic goldmine this time aorund somewhere exotic to stay. I’ll let the pictures do the work here, but will admit to palatial rooms, basic but delicious breakfast and a wonderful retreat with the madness of the city gets to be all too much. The owner, Daniel, is a great resource and his staff are so helpful in arranging bus tickets and arrival/departure arrangements.


Where we ate:

Nomad Cafe

Delicious salads, an inspired twist on traditional tagine, flourless orange cake (to die for) and nommy drinks all served with incomparable views of their rooftop terrace. Who know Casablanca is not just a wonderful movie but also a tasty beer?


Grand Cafe de la Poste

Located in the new city (Gueliz) and in a former post office, this is a great place to stop for a cocktail and a ham sandwich (being a Muslim country, there were not a ton of ham sandwiches to be had). We were too hungry to take photos of our mains, but the chocolate fondant cake and sorbet were delicious.

Ryad El Borj

The Ryad will arrange for private dinners onsite by reservation only. These are 20 euro per person for a three course meal plus another 18 to be served wine. If you are sick of monkey and snake charmers giving you the business, it’s a nice way to continue your restful escape. We had a selection of mezze style starters followed by a tagine and finished with a silky creme caramel.

 What we did:

Horse carriage tour of the city (we paid 200 dirhams…. and were not that impressed, but hey, we saw the city for $20.00)

Les jardins majorelle (which are, as you can see, very pretty)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Wandered the souks (had to be done, but it can be a bit much if you don’t want to be hassled while you shop)


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