So you say Sligo….

Rosses Point, Sligo

Rosses Point, Sligo

We went to Sligo because I read a great BBC article about Ireland’s last seaweed baths. From there it as just a matter of biding time until some other females felt the call of the sea and decided to make base camp in this charming town yet to be ruined by tourists.


Yeats in Sligo

As with most jaunts in Ireland, we took the train and Irishrail is currently having a phenomenal sale of tickets all over the country. If you haven’t caught on, now is the time to check it out. 15 euro tickets one way to most destinations around the country.

Sligo Station is an easy walk from the downtown and a perfectly adequate station – though no cafe or convenience store onsite (for those hoping to pick up lunch before catching the train)

Where we stayed:  The Glasshouse

Swan Point, Sligo City  

This is a hotel that had so much to offer and just fell so dramatically short of the mark that I’m sorry I even mention it on this blog or any other internet site. Situated in perhaps the most enviable spot in downtown Sligo and practically straddling the river, this hotel has the prime area and, in that respect, met certain expectations. In others, such as general cleanliness and style – it failed most utterly. Decor is, to put it mildly, very harsh and bold – almost blindingly so. Picture psychedelic carpets and a place only Austin Powers would feel at home. Staff was overall not exceptionally helpful or willing to go above minimum requirements. To top off the subpar facility there was at least one first communion and one hen night, one of the two leading to an early morning brawl the first night of our stay. Overall, just an unpleasant experience.


Meander in the rain

Where we ate:

The Coach Lane at Donaghy’s

1 Lord Edward Street

Goats Cheese Tartlet with Scallops

Goats Cheese Tartlet with Scallops

They say best food in Sligo, but it’s not a far reach to think this may be the best food in Ireland. Period. Utterly delicious, inventive and genuinely delightful meals are to be had here. Add to your itinerary, full stop – they serve both the bar and restaurant menu interchangeably no matter where you sit. There is no higher recommendation – though reservations are recommended.

Deliciously dual flavored bread served with fresh butter.

Deliciously dual flavored bread served with fresh butter.

Pepper Alley

Rockwood Parade

A good sandwich is one step away from divinity and Pepper Alley has this down to a science. Stop by for a quick bite. You will enjoy it, I promise.

Things to do:

  • Seaweed baths – obvious choice as already mentioned. We visited Voya in Strandhill –
  • Lovely stroll along Rosses Point (or pensive moments over looking the water)

    Rosses Point

    Rosses Point

  • Sligo Abbey (again worth a stroll, though rather humble)

    Sligo Abbey

    Sligo Abbey

That is what one does in Ireland, n’est-ce pas?


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