Saving Money When Travelling… TRANSPORT: Getting Around



What are those expenses that we couldn’t avoid when travelling?

When we travel for holidays, we have to be able to afford 3 basic points: accommodation, mealsandtransport (*). They are our primary outgoings.

(*) except if we are working, if we have friends there, if we are volunteering or if we are couchsurfers.

So today we are talking about one of them…

How to save money when travelling, transport, travel tips,


At this point, our question is…

How to Get Around the city and don’t spend all our budget on the way?

Here we have 5 Easy Tips to have into account.


• Use Public Transport – move around like a local

Use buses, trains, undergrounds and public ferries; they are budget-friends. They are the cheapest option ‘always’. Figure out how the public transport works and use it!. It’s a more authentic experience.
Ask for ‘Day Passes’ and ticket options instead of paying each ride individually.

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